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Sims Urban Oasis is Your Paradise in the City

The new launch condo Sims Urban Oasis embodies the definition of connected city living.  Sims Urban Oasis keeps everything close to you. Key places like the Marina Bay, the Central Business District, and the Alijunied MRT Station are just a few among numerous places close to this new launch condo. Going from work to school to events and parties are made simple and convenient.

The three beautiful buildings add great features to Singapore’s skyline. Its location sets a great example of great market planning that other companies can follow. The kinds of dwelling units available are varied according to the needs and lifestyle of each customer. The Suite is best suited for young people who want a luxurious abode that maximizes the space. The high ceilings and vast space of the Loft gives more creative freedom to the tenants so that they can have their dream homes.

The Deluxe unit is best suited for families who want a condo but want to have space for their family to grow. The Grand unit, on the other hand, is the definition of luxury and glamour. This is a great home for the elites who want to feel the rewards of their successes. No matter what choice you make, all these units are treated with the same level of care for detail.

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In terms of recreational facilities, Sims Urban Oasis has a beautiful pool that can be enjoyed by its tenants. It also has a sun deck where people can lounge and soak up the sun. You can also keep a healthy lifestyle since it is connected to the Pelton Park Connector via a cycling network. You can walk, jog and even cycle to maintain your health and enjoy the environment. The surrounding establishments give you a wide array of traditional shops, malls, shopping districts, and restaurants. Once you step out in the streets, you will be welcomed with the rich culture of Singapore from food to traditional gift items.

You will be living in a great paradise if you choose to live in the new launch condo Sims Urban Oasis. You will be experiencing the great connected city living lifestyle that will immerse you in the urban life.

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